Climb Culture is an adventure brand that celebrates the stoke of being outdoors and the amazing experiences it has to offer. Whether you are projecting at your local crag, crushing big walls in Yosemite, aiming to summit one or more of the 8000m+ peaks or just hiking in your local area we are here to cheer you on, keep you motivated and support you on your journey.

We believe that everyone has the ability to achieve great things and that having a fantastic community is an important part of making those things a reality. The name Climb Culture originates from this concept and our mission is to support and grow this amazing community to help more people experience what the outdoors has to offer. As a company we have a few simple values that we believe resonate with the community we represent. 


We believe that a great design is simple and timeless. We strive to create products that not only look great now but will still look great in 10 years.


We only have one planet earth and we want to do our best to protect it. We do our best to source the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials that we can. 


We combine great design with high quality materials to produce products that will stand the test of time and perform up there with the best of them. 


We want to ensure that anything we produce is done in a way that does not exploit workers or our animal friends we share this earth with. This is why all our products are vegan friendly. 


We very grateful to have the education and resources that we do. Not everyone is this lucky and we've created our Climb Like a Girl campaign to help some of the poorest kids on the planet get an education.