What is the campaign?

As part of our commitment to make the world a better place 100% of profits from products sold in our Climb Like a Girl range will go towards assisting young women in rural Nepal get a better education. In our 2019 campaign we were able to provide the following to the Shwet Ganesh School in Dhulikhel:
  • 100 brand new winter uniforms (jumper, pants and polo shirt)
  • Cooked lunches for all kids for the next year (for some of these kids it's their only decent meal each day)
  • Pens, pencils and other stationary
  • Art equipment
  • Education posters
  • Notepads
  • Reading & educational books
  • A crickets set
  • Volleyball net and balls
  • Basketball hoop and ball
  • Soccer balls
  • Makers and witches hats
  • Whistles and stop-watches
  • Board games 

Why Nepal?

The Himalayas in Nepal have captured the imagination of outdoor adventurers for decades and the Climb Culture team are no exception here. Our Co-Founder Caitie spent some time volunteering at a school in Dhulikhel in 2017 and was deeply touched by the beauty of the country and it's people. One thing that stood out in particular was the need for additional resources and education support for young Nepalese girls. 

How are we doing it?

We are focusing our initial efforts on assisting the Shwet Ganesh School in Dhulikhel. When we arrived in October 2019 we worked directly with the principal of the school to determine the best use of the funds. By going directly to the source we are able to avoid a lot of red tape and unnecessary costs so every dollar goes where it needs to. 

A message from the Principal

"Namestey, this is Indra Manandhar from a small village in Nepal called Chaukot. The only school in the village is Shwet Ganesh School, when I currently work as the Principal.

Most people in this region are underprivileged and can not afford to send their children to big cities for education. Because the people are not able to pay for their children’s education, the only funds this school operates on is through very limited government grants. This is just enough to cover staff salary and textbooks.

Shwet Ganesh school is a basic school which runs classes up to Grade 8. There are currently one hundred and seven students, with almost all students coming from a very poor family background.

Most of their parents are uneducated and don’t have and understanding of the importance of education, particularly for girls. I see my childhood in these children, as once I used to be a student in this school. This is what brought me back here. This is what changed my life and my family.

There are still many whose lives may remain dark if this school does not exist. Therefore, we have been seeking the support from individuals as well as organizations for stationaries and other needs for the school. Therefore, we are forever grateful to kind people, for without them this school would not exist."

- Indra Manandhar