At the start of 2019 we set out with a mission to help underprivileged girls in Nepal and the response that we received from the climbing community has been incredible.


Our simple campaign which is aptly named “Climb Like a Girl” involves selling stickers, pins and posters and has gained the attention and support of some of the biggest outdoor adventure stores and gyms in Australia. Our supporters include Climbing Anchors, Wild Earth, K2, Urban Climb, 9 Degrees, Sydney Indoor Climbing Gyms and Hangdog. We also gained international exposure with Italian bouldering champion Fanny Gibert endorsing the campaign.

Nepal is a country that has captured the hearts of many climbers and adventurers alike and the team at Climb Culture are no exception. The amazingly resilient and friendly Nepalese people are as responsible for the allure of this country as the awe-inspiring mountains are. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies though, Nepal it is a country ravished by natural disasters, poverty, corruption and outdated cultural rituals. In 2017 our Co-Founder Caitie volunteered at a rural school in Dhulikhel and experienced first-hand how much these issues effect the community, particularly young women.

Practices like Chhaupadi, or menstruation taboos are still common place in a lot of rural villages, due to schools in these areas rarely having the resources to give young girls any education around health/sex education. Some families won’t even send their girls to school as it’s not considered an important use of resources. These are some of the things we hope to alleviate with our campaign. In helping young women get educated we are not only helping that individual but the whole community and generations of women to come.

Thanks to the support of amazing climbers all over the world in the first 10 months of our campaign we sold over 2000 stickers and 300 pins which enabled us to deliver the following resources to the Shree Shwet Ganesh School in Dhulikhel (45mins from Kathmandu). 

100 brand new winter uniforms  1 year of school lunches for the kids
Pens, pencils and other stationary Art equipment
Educational posters Notepads
Reading and educational books A cricket set
Volleyball and netballs Basketball hoop and ball
Soccer balls Markers witches hats
Whistles and stop watches Board games


The success of our Climb Like a Girl campaign is something that the climbing community should be extremely proud of and goes to show that if you put your mind to it you can really make a positive difference in the world regardless of how big or small you are (Climb Culture didn’t exist before this campaign and was born out of the necessity to facilitate it).

We will be continuing our efforts to provide further support to the school and other schools in the area as we grow. We are always looking for gyms, stores and athletes to help support the cause and would be very grateful for any assistance with this. If you want to get involved or know someone who should we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us via our Contact Page, Facebook or Instagram.