Climb Culture Co-Founder Caitlyn traveled to Dhulikehl and Chaukot at the end of 2017, when she first met now-principal Indra Manandhar of Shwet Ganesh, where he was working as the school English teacher. He is a strong believer in the importance of education and the impact is has on a childs life.

"Namestey, this is Indra Manandhar from a small village in Nepal called Chaukot. The only school in the village is Shwet Ganesh School, when I currently work as the Principal.

Most people in this region are underprivileged and can not afford to send their children to big cities for education. Because the people are not able to pay for their children’s education, the only funds this school operates on is through very limited government grants. This is just enough to cover staff salary and textbooks.

Shwet Ganesh school is a basic school which runs classes up to Grade 8. There are currently one hundred and seven students, with almost all students coming from a very poor family background.

Most of their parents are uneducated and don’t have and understanding of the importance of education, particularly for girls. I see my childhood in these children, as once I used to be a student in this school. This is what brought me back here. This is what changed my life and my family.

There are still many whose lives may remain dark if this school does not exist. Therefore, we have been seeking the support from individuals as well as organizations for stationaries and other needs for the school. Therefore, we are forever grateful to kind people, for without them this school would not exist."