I quit my job three weeks ago. This week we’ll move from our home. In three weeks we’ll begin our journey to the other side of the world. Visas are sorted, tickets booked, all that is left is to say goodbye to our families and go and begin the trip of a lifetime.  


The first time Corey and I went out for dinner, we talked for hours about what we wanted for our future. To travel, to help others and to climb as much as possible were the big three topics of conversion.  Now almost two years later, we’ve started Climb Culture, the Climb Like a Girl project and are in the final stages of our big move.


On the way over we’ve set our itinerary to be as loose (but stress free) as possible. Basically, Point A to Point B details are covered, with flights and some accommodation booked. The rest is up to chance. The only strict piece of criteria we’ve got in mind is that we hit up and indoor and outdoor location in each country we set foot in and write up a “Climb Culture” review of each of them. This isn’t limited to bouldering, sport climbing, etc. All that matters is that we climb.


The itinerary is as follows:





NEPAL (Yay Climb Like a Girl Project)






Climbing is something that not only bought Corey and I together, but it serves as a HUGE foundation for our lives. Most of our mates are climbers, even family members too. Most holidays and weekend trips are climbing-oriented also. Our goal for Climb Culture is to represent all things climbing; including gear and crag reviews, keeping up to date with the Climb Like a Girl Campaign, climbing-related travel, navigating insurances and safety, etc. etc.


We look forward to sharing this journey with you over the next couple of years.